Hangcha Diesel Tow Tractor


The diesel tow tractor is available in the towing capacity ranging from 1.0t to 5.0t. Combining with the advanced technology, it is specially manufactured with high manoeuvrability in any applications. It makes use of famous brand imported diesel engines, complying with relevant EU exhaust emission regulations. Hence, it is an environmentally friendly vehicle. LPG Tow Tractors also available on request.

Through the efforts of Hangcha’s professional design expertise, the operator's compartment is designed with great comfort, thus reducing the operator's fatigue to a minimum degree. In addition, the operator can clearly see the drawbar pin of the tow tractor from the cab and can easily operate the drawbar lever, thereby improving the working safety and efficiency.

Suitable for airports, harbours, railway, steel making and ship building industries.

Features & Benefits


  • Three independent braking systems.
  • The CURTIS programmable AC controller provides regenerative braking, which can reduce brake wear, recharge the battery, and virtually eliminate the need for a foot brake.


  • Up to 500 hours service intervals.

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