Ammann Soil & Asphalt Compactors – Tandem Rollers


Soil and Asphalt compactors provide that needed efficiency through industry-leading technology and an ability to direct more force toward the target and away from the machine. The result: quality results in fewer passes and a more productive and profitable job-site. Soil Compactors provide industry-leading compaction outputs – whatever the application. Your job-site conditions might change, but you will always have a need for productivity and performance.

The tandem rollers range offer superior compaction performance as well as the highest possible safety standards with the infra-red remote control and a low center of gravity.

The full series features dual drum drive for maximum traction and articulated steering for extremely accurate control. Diesel powered units offer a high-quality finish for asphalt applications. Outstanding overall roller performance and a high exciter frequency allows compaction at faster speeds while delivering even coverage excellent results.

Each model offers a choice of high or low compaction force to fit a variety of conditions and applications. Dual output per drum accurately matches the roller to the job. Tapered frame design makes for ideal visibility. Tool free water system access makes daily maintenance extremely easy.





Drum width

820 mm to 1680 mm

Operating weight

1450 kg to 10400 kg




Features & Benefits


Tandem roller options include the propriety Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE), an automated compaction measurement and control system. ACE systems with various capacities are available depending on your needs. All provide cost-saving efficiencies.


  • Small tandems
  1. New construction
  2. Asphalt and soil compaction
  3. Parking lots
  4. Sidewalks
  5. Cycle paths
  6. Playing fields
  • Large tandems
  1. Asphalt bases, binders and wearing courses
  2. Sub-base and base compaction of aggregates
  3. Transportation construction
  4. Building construction


Service and maintenance points are easy to reach, as are fluid ports. Your service team will make quicker, more efficient work of preventive maintenance.


On many models the operator’s station extends beyond the frame for improved views of the drum, surface and spray system. All models utilise a rotating seat that helps the operator see out the front and back.


Tandem Rollers are designed and engineered for easy operation. That includes the location of controls, an easy-to-see operator display, drive levers, visibility and easy adjustment of amplitude and frequency. And that’s just the start.