Doosan Reach Truck (1.3TON~1.8TON)


Doosan Reach truck series offers the possibility of programming the performance of the truck to suit each individual driver or to a certain application. The operator can program the top speed, acceleration and steering sensitivity as required.High precision mast design provides excellent stability in all conditions.Simultaneous hydraulic control allow loads to be lifted and reached forward at the same time.The reach truck range features AC Powered motors to meet modern day traction and lift requirements and come complete with advanced AC controllers which provide greater levels of productivity, control and flexibility.Doosan’s graphical user interface provides truck status data as well as dynamic information.

Features & Benefits


  • Great AC Powered Productivity.
  • A Comfortable operation enhances truck performance.
  • Ergonomically designed operator compartment.
  • Enhances driver comfort, by facilitating ease of operation and helping boost output in any application, directly increasing the productivity.
    • Tend setting style in exterior and interior design.
    • Spacious operator room.
    • Ergonomically Positioned operational equipments.
    • High visibility through mast and overhead guard.



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