Komptech Topturn


The Topturn Compost Turner for Triangular Windrows is designed for the most demanding tasks. Equipped with a more powerful engine and with an intake width of up to 6 metres the X63 achieves a turning capacity of up to 4500 cubic metres per hour. The combination of large drum with conveyor and thrower blades and the powerful drive ensures that the turner leaves the perfect windrow behind it as it goes.

The engine meets the latest emissions standards and the new cooling system keeps everything cool even under heavy loads and high outside temperatures. Further plus points are the larger, comfortable cabin and new automatic drive for relaxed working, and the hydraulically extendible maintenance platforms for fast and easy maintenance.

Features & Benefits


  • JUST DRIVE – Choose between a wheeled chassis for a higher level of traction, quick maneuverability and best driving comfort, or a Tracked chassis which offers optimal traction on difficult terrain.
  • PERFECT TURNING - A large dimensioned and powerful hydraulically driven drum with effective conveyor and throwing tools accelerates the turning and rotting processes. This ensures all materials are mixed before passing through the drum so nothing is missed.
  • LIFT-OFF TO WORK - Entry into the cab is through a front panel door. Two lift arms then swivel the cab from the entry position on the ground into the working position directly above the tunnel. Additional service access steps and the access platform simplify access to all servicing points.
  • ON TOP OF THE SITUATION – Spacious comfortable cabin with powerful air conditioner and air-cushioned seat. The new information system can be intuitively operated using a large colour display.
  • MAINTENANCE MADE EASY - A press of a button turns the left and right body panels into roomy maintenance platforms with convenient access steps so the operator can reach all maintenance points safely and easily.
  • RIGHT OPTIONS - By a lateral displacement device coupled to the turner transportation distances are minimised, visibility and monitoring are improved. By collapsing two windrows the rot shrinkage is smoothed out, making full use of the space.


  • Your Choice - Wheel drive or Track drive.
  • Flexible - Lateral displacement device for optimum use of space.
  • User Friendly - Swivelling cab for simplified transportation and easy boarding.
  • Built to Last - Large-dimensioned turning drum for high throughput and complete mixing.

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